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ASTROLOGY is Astrology, a type of guess that involves the forecasting of earthly and human events through the observation and interpretation of the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets. Adorer believes that an understanding effect of the planets and stars on earthly affairs allows them to both predict and affect the destinies of individuals, groups, and nations. The science throughout its history, astrology is widely considered today to be opposed to the findings and theories of modern Western science
Sees mankind as being not only affected by genetic factors and the environment, but also by the state of our solar system at the moment of birth. The globe is regarded as basic life-forces. These planetary forces take on different forms, depending on the position of the planets. Astrology is the art of getting relief in your life
Astrology is the art of future predictions. Astrology is a science established since the Vedic time to strive to unite with our divine. It corresponds to the positions of our stars to predict your future. The world of astrology has always inspired a future sense of bizarre or successful events. Astrology predictions depend on the universe’s extant. Astrologers it possible with knowledge and study of planets, stars, their patterns, and movement.

Vedic Astrology

All Vedic sings have their characteristic and traits which define someone’s personality. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you started your day by already knowing about what s going to come your way? Read on to find out whether the odds will be in your favor today.
Astrology saw a papular revival starting in the 19th century, as a part of the general revival of spiritualism and later, the new age philosophy and through the influence of mass media such as newspaper horoscopes. Early in the 20th century, the psychiatrist Carl Jung developed some concepts concerning astrology, which led to the development of psychological astrology.

Types Of Astrology:

Astrology is an intuitive art. Two types of astrology the first one is Sayan (Western) and 2nd one is Narayan (Vedic). Some other types are Chinese, Mayan, Burmese, Tibetan, Hellenistic. Numerology on the other hand deals with numbers and the deeper aspects.

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